INO hidefumi(猪野 秀史:いの ひでふみ)宮崎県延岡市生まれ。



2002年、TENEMENTを拠点に「1レーベル・1アーティスト」をコンセプトとして自身の作品を発信する音楽レーベルinnocent recordを

始動。作品の全アートワークも自身で制作、楽曲提供、編曲他、活動は多岐に渡り、INO hidefumi BANDではワンマンツアーをはじめ

音楽フェス等に出演。2018年発表の新作 「SONG ALBUM」には細野晴臣、鈴木茂、林立夫、小西康陽、常磐響、沖祐市(東京スカパラ





INO HIDEFUMI   Keyboard player, singer-songwriter, arranger.

Using Fender Rhodes Piano as the main instrument, Ino is known for his unique world of music, incorporating

various elements from sounds of the 60s-70s, Avant-pop, Alternative Soul, Electronic Funk, Soundtracks of

old films, and Experimental Music.

Ino started learning piano at the age of 5 and later received classical music education.

In 2002, in order to realize perfect quality control, Ino launched “Innocent Records” in Ebisu, Tokyo

with “One Label, One Artist” as the concept.

After that, he has been creating and performing fully independently without belonging to a record company
or production. 

Ino published many works from his own label, including the 11 works of “7-inch series”, a series in which

works were made with his particular passion in 7-inch records.

His 1st album “Satisfaction” spread nationwide with the word of mouth and in-store trial, bustled annual charts
of multiple media sources, resulted in long record sales. 

Ino does programming, mixing down and even the artwork by himself, and continues to collaborate

with various musicians on numerous projects.

The self-produced INO BAND has had their own tours, as well as appearing in notable music events

and festivals such as Fuji Rock. 

In October 2018, he released a much anticipated new work, “SONG ALBUM”.

Haruomi Hosono, Yasuharu Konishi also sends his warm support to this much-anticipated work.

Surrealistic sounds and words scraped to the very minimum. A unique groove belted out in dry and honest voice.

Ino’s peculiar world brings a floating sensation and continues to spread to the hearts of all generations.